2 killed in Miami County train vs. car crash – KSHB

MIAMI COUNTY, Kan. — Investigators spent Thursday night mapping out the scene in rural Miami County where earlier a train collided with a car, killing the driver and passenger.
According to the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, shortly after 6 p.m., a Union Pacific train collided with a sedan at a railroad crossing on Wagstaff and Ridgeview Roads.
“It was on the tracks, but we don’t know the reasoning of why it was on the tracks,” said Capt. Matthew Kelly, a spokesperson for the Miami County Sheriff’s Office. “We don’t know if it was moving across the tracks [or] stopped on the tracks.”
The violent collision set the car on fire and sent it at least a quarter of a mile down the track.
The man and woman inside the car died.
Firefighters from several agencies also put out a fire on the train engine, but no one on board was hurt.
Besides the bells and flashing lights, there are arms at the crossing.
“We don’t believe that there’s any malfunctions that occurred at this intersection at the time,” Kelly said. “However, we’re not sure if the arms were down after the accident occurred or if the vehicle was there prior to the arms going down. If they went around it is something that we’re trying to figure out.”
Investigators from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office are also assisting in this Thanksgiving Day crash.
Authorities said the train wasn’t carrying anything hazardous at the time of the incident.
RIGHT NOW: This @UnionPacific train collided with a sedan at a crossing near Wagstaff & Ridgeview Roads in rural @MiamiCountyKS.

The impact engulfed the car, killing the driver and passenger.

No injuries on board the train despite its engine also caught fire.@KSHB41 pic.twitter.com/Zcm3SMqzua

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